Way of Compassion Bicycle Project – Fundraising

In addition to our two regularly scheduled community shop times each week, the Way of compassion bicycle project is involved in many special events throughout the year.

During the Winter of 2017/18, the Way of Compassion Bicycle project is looking to run two programs to enhance the local community through bicycle maintenance and education.

Third Grade Crystal River Elementary School Program:

We are looking to provide refurbished bicycles to all third-grade students at Crystal River Elementary School, who don’t already have one. This program, we feel, has great compatibility with the third-grade curriculum and will finish with the third-grade field trip to Rock Bottom Ranch in Basalt. Every year the third-grade class rides bicycles from the school to the ranch for an overnight field trip, and every year there are students who do not have bicycles or the skills to join the class on their bicycle adventure. The Way of Compassion Bicycle Project can help, and we are asking for your support in helping us make this happen. Here is a vision of our timeline:

In November, both Tyler Vaughn and Aaron Taylor visited the Crystal River Elementary school and presented a slideshow describing the project to the students. The teachers and students will be responsible for finding out which students need bicycles, measure the students overall height, and with a chart estimate what size of a bicycle the student might be. This will add a great element to the measurement curriculum part of their school year. The Way of Compassion Bicycle Project will donate the bicycles and used parts. In order to have enough manpower to build and refurbish the bicycles, we are planning 3 bicycle tuning parties at Ragged Mountain Sports. We will be inviting our friends with wrenches over to the store to get some bikes done! During these tuning days, we will provide pizza for the volunteers. In addition to the bicycles that we will get ready for the third grade, we will also be providing education, maintenance, and riding instruction for third-grade students during the months of March-May 2018. Below is an estimated timeline for the project:


High School Bicycle Fleet Program:

The Way of Compassion Bicycle Project was approached by teachers and students at Roaring Fork High School to assist in the education, supplies, and guidance to assist students refurbishing a bicycle fleet for class field trips. The bicycle project has taken 5 students under its guidance, and the group will meet every Wednesday afternoon from 2 PM until 4 PM throughout the winter months with a goal to overhaul and refurbish a bicycle fleet for spring.



We are Looking to Raise Funds to support these projects, and estimate the budget below: 

  • New tires, tubes, saddles, grips, cables, housing, chains: $1000
  • Money for paid staff (Aaron) to organize and work these projects: $1000
  • Pizza for 3 tuning parties to feed our volunteer mechanics: $400
  • Total: $2400


We appreciate you considering to support the Way of Compassion Bicycle Project, and if you would like to make a tax-deductible donation, please email me at [email protected]


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