John Bruna
John Bruna

We are thrilled to be able to return to Durango!

On April 3rd, John Bruna will at the Durango Friendship Hall to share key insights and practices from his upcoming book, The Wisdom of a Meaningful Life, to help us engage in our lives more meaningfully and cultivate genuine happiness in the process.

Unlike the stimulus driven pleasures that we so often equate with happiness, genuine happiness is a state of inner flourishing, well-being, peace and resiliency that can pervade even our most difficult and challenging experiences. The key to developing a reserve of inner strength and resiliency is to actively live a meaningful life, developing the skills of attention and intention. As with all of John’s talks, the lessons and examples are universal, practical, accessible, often humorous, and usually come from direct experiences from his compelling personal life story.

Date: Sunday, April 3, 2016 at 5:30 pm

Location: Durango Friendship Hall, 803 County Road 233, Durango CO

Cost: By donation

To learn more about John – John Bruna Biography

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