Nicaragua Pueblo Project

The Way of Compassion Foundation is now a fiscal sponsor for the Nicaragua Pueblo Project. We are excited to have the opportunity to support the important project to provide much needed technical, educational, and material support to the people of Nicaragua. 



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Our Mission

  • Building safe, healthy, and affordable structures using locally sourced natural materials while incorporating traditional wisdom with modern adaptations.
  • Developing resiliency in communities by providing hands-on training to Nicaraguans.
  • Focused on improving the lives of the Nicaraguan women and youth populations.

Our Guiding Principles

Integrating respect of culture while encouraging positive advancement of community skills through hands-on education.

Our Goals

  • To increase the use of earth and natural building techniques.
  • Providing cost-effective sustainable solutions and hands-on educational opportunities.
  • To be a vehicle for reclaiming and modernizing traditional building skills.

Our Objectives

  • Sharing of introductory skills to a multidisciplinary and socially diverse group.
  • The facilitation of intercultural and inter-generational exchange in order to broaden the scope of learning and expand reach and impact.
  • The transference of technical skills and hands-on learning, along with education of environmental effects of building practices.
  • To coordinate the services of complementary organizations with similar visions and values in local, and in particular, rural communities. Local complementary groups will identify needs and request services.
  • To provide opportunities for current builders, students of architecture, internal and foreign volunteers, and other interested parties in order to influence the direction of natural building with greater consistency, unity and support.

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To learn more about Liz Johndrow and the Nicaragua Pueblo Project, visit their site at

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