Donate a copy of The Wisdom of a Meaningful Life to a prison library. For every $15 donation we will be able to send a new book to a prison library in the United States.

The prison libraries are in need of quality books that are meaningful and inspiring. We believe that this book will be truly beneficial, providing hope and empowering tools for change. Our goal is to get the book to as many prisons as possible.

All donations are tax-deductible. You can securely donate using a credit card by clicking on the donation button below:

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To make a donation by check, make it payable to the Way of Compassion Foundation, indicate that it is for the Prison Book Project, and mail to:

Way of Compassion Foundation
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Carbondale, CO 81623

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An Excerpt from The Wisdom of a Meaningful Life

“One of the most important realizations I have come to over the past thirty years—the core of the inspiration for this book—is that most people, given the opportunity to reflect, already know how to improve the quality of their lives.

When I taught high school, my students could easily make a list of five things they could do to improve their lives. Yet, despite being able to make such a list, most of those students (like the vast majority of people in this world) were unable to follow through and actually do the things they listed. I’m sure all of us can relate to this. We are all aware of some simple things we could do to improve the quality of our lives right now and, for some reason, we don’t do them.

Recognizing this dynamic challenged me to ask one of the most important questions of my life: What is it that prevents me from doing the things I know are healthy and beneficial? If I valued honesty, why did I lie? If I wanted to help people, why did I hurt them? If I wanted to be healthy, why did I do unhealthy things?

It turns out that I was not unique. The inability to answer these questions is a nearly universal problem, affecting almost all human beings. One of our biggest problems is that we rarely even ask ourselves where the resistance to being the person we want to be comes from? The biggest obstacle preventing us from being able to make healthy and productive changes in our own lives is not our circumstances, nor a lack of knowledge about what to do, it is our untrained mind. We have untrained minds that are conditioned by our experiences, habits, and tendencies and are constantly producing thoughts and emotions that draw our attention away from being present and able to make wise choices.”

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