Ladies Tuning Series: March 2019

Led by Taz Brown

Thursdays (March 7th, 21st, and April 4th)

6 pm – 8 pm



Come join Taz Brown for these educational and fun ladies workshops! These workshops are designed for any woman who is interested in bicycle mechanics. No previous experience is necessary, but an authentic interest in learning and getting engaged is helpful! Below is a list of aspirations of the workshops, but we are prepared to be flexible with the individual needs and interest of the participants. During this workshop series, we will be focusing on Mountain Bikes. 


March 7th – “Shift Your Perspective” – Practicing Derailleur adjustments on your own bicycle

  • Learn the foundations of front and rear derailleur function and concept
  • Practice cleaning or replacing cables and housing
  • Learn Limit screw adjustments, proper derailleur installation, cable tension adjustments


March 21st – “Dinner Brake” – Cleaning brake systems and adjusting brake calipers on your own bicycle (no dinner actually served…)

  • Learn about properly cleaning and inspecting your brake system
  • Practice cleaning or replacing cable and housing systems
  • Lubricate and readjust hydraulic systems
  • Learn on how to identify the life of your brake pads and proper replacement


April 4th – “Hub-itat Restoration” – Learn how to clean and regrease the hubs on your bicycle.

  • Learn how to disassemble, clean, and regrease your hubs
  • Discover proper adjustment and preload of hubs
  • Learn about cup and cone bearing systems and sealed cartridge bearing systems
  • We will most likely only focus on front hubs during this workshop


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Space is limited: Please contact Aaron and RSVP:

The Way of Compassion Bicycle Project is grateful for the donations that keep our programs rolling!


Our Teaching space is located in the Third Street Center in Carbondale, CO.

520 South 3rd street, Carbondale, CO 81623