12 Steps – All Traditions

By popular demand – we are now offering this course in an online self-paced format so everyone can participate. 

From February through April 2021, John Bruna took over 70 participants through the 12 steps in a loving, open, and universal way, empowering them to engage deeply with each step from their own perspective. It was a transformative experience and we have received many requests to have the course repeated. John once again offered his time freely and lead a second group. Now, with John’s permission and support, we are able to continuously offer the recorded version of the course to all.

The Healing Wisdom of the 12 Steps is an in-depth exploration of the 12 Steps from a non-secular, universal perspective. The 12 Steps has helped millions of people all over the world engage in a way of living that provides freedom from their sufferings and rediscover their worthiness and value. They have helped people overcome addictions, co-dependency, trauma, and a multitude of other afflictions.

All too often, many people are unable to access the profound wisdom and healing of the 12 steps due to the Judeo-Christian language and the early twentieth-century context in which it was originally written. In this course, John Bruna will provide access to these transformative steps by integrating them with the latest scientific research, contemporary language, and a variety of spiritual and philosophical perspectives.

You can watch the first session on step one below. 

Some comments from the course

The longer I’m clean, the more I seek out opportunities to enhance my recovery with loving kindness for myself and others. Discovering the Way of Compassion Recovery Resources community has been an added gem to my recovery toolbox.  John has a way of weaving mindfulness, compassion, and empathy into the 12 step workshops, retreats, and daily meditations that are so beneficial during these challenging times, navigating life on life’s terms. -Merri M.

Thank you for sharing with us the deep wisdom you’ve learned over the past 30+ years. It’s like you ladle out your experience, strength, and hope to us in amounts we can digest…your deep sea of intense self-examination, study, doing the work guides me in new ways to heal. And probably most of all the love you show by how much you give of yourself to us. I have so much gratitude for you. Love and Thank you, Salli


It was very helpful to feel a part of a group trying to move forward on a path for living rather than just “12 stepping” I felt it brought Buddhism, Mindfulness, Psychology & Philosophy under one umbrella. That helped me feel a “part of something bigger” rather than “working on issues of myself” Thank you to all. – Anonymous testimonial from our feedback form. 

About John Bruna

John Bruna has been in continuous 12-step recovery since August 21, 1984. Having had to opportunity to transform his own life as a result of the 12 steps, John has devoted his life to helping others transform theirs.  This lead to careers as a substance abuse counselor, a teacher in a low-income minority high school, and as an ordained Buddhist monk in the Tibetan tradition. In 2012, John transitioned from monastic life and continues to be of service in any way that he can, remaining active in the 12 step communities. John has also authored two books, The Wisdom of a Meaningful Life and The Essential Guidebook to Mindfulness in Recovery,  is the co-founder of the Mindful Life Program and Mindfulness in Recovery, and the spiritual director for the Way of Compassion Dharma Center.

Course Details

This course was conducted in live online sessions with over 70 participants over a 10-week period. The sessions with John were recorded and are now available for anyone to go through at their own pace. Each session has a video lasting approximately an hour and the course has step work to engage in. You can go through each session at your own pace and return as often as you would like. 

Cost: By donation. You may donate any amount. Donations are tax-deductible. All proceeds will go to the Way of Compassion Foundation. John has donated his time and offered the videos freely to support our foundation. 

Register: To register use the donate button below. If you would like to make a donation by check, email Rachel, rachel@recoveryresources.world.