Way of Compassion Bicycle Project – About us

The Way of Compassion Bicycle Project has been a volunteer-run community bicycle program since 2009.


Aaron Taylor, Director of the Way of Compassion Bicycle Project

Aaron Taylor is a professional bicycle mechanic that has worked in the industry for 10 years. He has been a mechanic at Acme Bicycles, The Center Bike Shop, Ajax Bike and Sport, and Aloha Mountain Cyclery. Over his years in the industry, Aaron has always incorporated the community aspect of cycling into all the shops where he worked. Most recently, Aaron was the community projects director for Aloha Mountain Cyclery in addition to his role as a mechanic.

Aaron’s passion for commuter bicycle lifestyle grew from roots at Colorado State University where Aaron attended college and worked at the Center Bike Shop in the Lory Student Center. This bicycle shop was designed to support students with their bicycles that were so necessary as transportation. Aaron worked as a mechanic and eventually managed the shop. During his time as a mechanic there, Aaron hosted and taught commuter bicycle repair classes for students.

In 2006, Aaron began work at the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies (ACES), where he worked as a naturalist leading nature walks and historical ghost town tours. He also worked teaching environmental education to school-aged students in school and during the summers. In addition to these regular duties, Aaron also created a bicycle fleet for the naturalists that work for ACES each summer (upwards of 14 naturalists need bicycles for around town each summer). He continues to support and maintain this bicycle fleet today.

In 2009, Aaron started the Bonedale Bicycle Project which is now the Way of Compassion Bicycle Project. This program has been run as a volunteer bicycle program since the beginning, and our hope is to raise money to hire Aaron as the Director of the Bicycle Project starting in February of 2018.

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